How To Play
Stop the creeps (the enemies) from reaching the other side by building a maze of defense towers in this very addicting action/puzzle game! In easy mode, creeps appear at the left side and will go to the right side of the screen. In the more difficult modes, creeps appear both from the left and the top of the game. You start with 20 lives, but will loose one every time a creep reaches the other side.

By killing creeps, you'll earn money which you can use to buy and upgrade towers. Towers are used to attack creeps and also to block their path. You buy a tower by clicking on its image at the right side of the game and then clicking somewhere on the map. There are 6 different towers to choose from, each with different abilities.

Each level, or "wave", contains 20 creeps (10 on easy mode) and they arrive every 25 or so seconds. You can see what's coming by looking at the scrolling bar at the bottom of the game. Some waves have special abilities like FAST or FLYING. Also, after every 7th wave is a BOSS wave that is especially hard to kill.

Tips: A highly upgraded tower does a lot more damage than many level 1 towers. You can earn a higher score by sending waves early, but be careful not to swamp your maze!

Game Controls:
- Use your mouse to buy towers, place them on the map and upgrade them.
- Space: Pause.
- Holding down "Shift" allows you to place multiple towers one after the other.
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